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Easy-Rock specialise in blown loft insulation - ROCKPRIME

RockPrime is a mechanically installed Rockwool blown loft granulate that offers quicker installation than roll and causes minimum disturbance. Unlike other loft insulation products, it also minimises thermal bridging.


small loftsAdvantages

  • We can insulate tight spaces with limited access
    eg. prefab homes, caravans, house extensions
  • Ideal for new and existing lofts
  • Quicker to install than rolls
  • No wastage
  • Minimises thermal bridging
  • Non-combustible (Euroclass A1)
  • No Settlement
  • Improves the acoustic performance of the ceiling
  • Does not rot or decay
  • Not displaced by air movement in the loft
  • Does not offer sustenance to vermin
  • Installation by approved Rockwool installers



before the loft insulationInstallation

In the loft, a depth gauge is fixed to the joists to assist with measuring depth prior to the installation. ROCKPRIME Blown Loft Insulation thickness is adaptable according to U-value requirements.


We will lay sheets from the house entrance to the loft opening to ensure there's no mess.


Need help emptying your loft?

We will help you empty your loft to a reasonable amount, contact us for a free survey.


To prevent disturbance of the ROCKPRIME blown insulation when gaining access and leaving the loft space, a Rockwool board is fitted around the joist/trimmers as shown.


At the end of the installation, existing loft hatch covers will also be insulated where necessary.


We are regularly inspected by the insulation authorities.

Installing ROCKPRIME

A ROCKPRIME bag is put in the machine hopper. The machine blows the insulation through the hose into the loft.

Rockprime is compatible with other insulation types and can therefore be used in top-up situations.

after the loft insulationInstalled ROCKPRIME

ROCKPRIME offers many benefits over traditional loft insulation. It provides no voids, no gaps and a perfect mattress of insulation.


With the ROCKPRIME system, the end user is assured that the contractors installing the insulation are trained and approved by ROCKWOOL in the best practices of loft installation.


ROCKPRIME has been tested to the highest standards by the BSI, BRE and is approved by the Energy Savings Trust.

General Conditions

It is essential that the insulation does not block the ventilation path from the eaves. It is also desirable that the loft insulation links to the wall insulation. The method of obtaining these two requirements will vary depending on building design and whether it is new-build or refurbishment. The following suggestions are for guidance only and each individual building will require separate assessment.

Refurbishment and New Build

It is essential the roof space is ventilated to meet the requirements of BS 5803: Part 5 :1985. Appendix B.


Proprietary eaves ventilation protector should be used when necessary.

Chimney Breast

Due to the non-combustible properties of Rockprime Blown Loft Insulation it can be installed up to and around the chimney breast.


Loft insulation of all types must not be compressed as this will decrease dramatically its thermal performance.

Electrical cables

British Standard BS7671: 2008 provides guidance on the correction factors to be applied in down-rating covered cables according to cable rating, cable length and duty.


Where possible, all cables should be lifted free of the insulation.


Down lighters should not be directly covered by insulation.

They must be left exposed to the air for a minimum clearance of 75mm.

Down light protection can be used for addressing this requirement.



We also install under floor insulation.


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